Induction Cooktops Range – Best choice!

Cooking is a science as well as an art which is agreed by many of us. Cooking does require a lot of patience and precision. That is why many of the cooking industry professionals require high quality and most advanced cooking equipments, and cookware. Induction cooktops are preferred by many such professionals in their kitchens. They are very popular in regular households also. Induction cooktops increases the productivity by achieving superior results. So let us now understand what induction cooking is. It has been used widely by a number of people in restaurants as well as in households, but has become popular very recently.

Initially induction cooking ranges were out of reach of common people due its higher prices, but with improvement in technology this form of cooking has become accessible to many cooking enthusiasts. With the availability of new ideas and designs in induction ranges it has become standard equipment in many of the new kitchens. Induction cooking uses induction heating technology which directly heats the cookware, unlike the regular electric or gas burners where in heat is transferred from an electric coil or burning gas. To be able to use an induction range, the induction cookware must be made from special ferromagnetic metal. Non induction base cookware needs to be placed on an interface disk to be able to use on induction surfaces.

An induction cooktop consists of a cooper coil which is placed under the cooking pot. An electric current travels through this coil producing a magnetic field. This magnetic field induces an electric currant in the pot. The current in the pot produces resistive heat which helps in heating food. The current produced is large but with low voltage. A lot of induction range reviews helps the reader in deciding on which cooking range to buy. Some of the advantages of induction cooking are that it is very energy efficient and also cooks faster as compared to the traditional forms of cooking. Traditional cooking ranges use flames or hot heating elements which are prone to burns while cooking. In the induction cooking range it heats only the cookware reducing the chance of burns. The surface of the induction range only heats once it is in contact with the induction cookware.

Due to direct heat from the cooktop chefs can have full control over their cooking, providing quality and flavor to their dishes. Induction cooking does not heat up the air around the cooking vessel thus improving energy efficiency. The cookware used in the induction hobs are similar to that used on electric hobs. These compatible cookwares are marked with a special symbol to indicate compatibility. One can order these types of cookware at number of online stores. Pans made from cast iron, or any black metal will work on an induction range, the same applies for stainless steel pans only if the base of the pans is of magnetic grade.

Some of the benefits of induction cooktops are:

• They cook very fast and any change in temperature is reflected instantly as compared to ceramic elements.
• Very safe to use in households as it reduces the chances of kitchen accidents like burns. Most of the induction cookers come with auto switches that detects when nothing is there on the element, thus reducing wastage of energy.

Disadvantages of induction cooking:

• Induction hobs are slightly expensive as compared to traditional cooking ranges. They require a special cookware suitable for induction cooking with a ferrous bottom to transfer heat rapidly.
• Certain designs of cookware cannot be placed on the induction range, like rounded woks.
• Finding the cooking zone on the cooktop can be tedious as there are no marks on them to identify the cooking zone.

Induction cooktops can have multiple cooking elements on them. According to the needs and requirements of the user one can review a number of induction cooking hobs and then zero in to buy an ideal cooktop. Induction cooking includes a clean and energy efficient cooking experience full of great ideas to look forward to. This form of cooking is a new and interesting way to explore the kitchen. So go ahead, and order yourself an induction cooktop which will change the way you cook with less hassles and cleaning.

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