Electric Cooktop: pros and cons

Cooktops are one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen.

They have been evolving over the years with the manufacturers aiming to produce cooktops that offer more functions that meets diverse consumer requirements. Today, electric cooktops are not only mere cooking appliances but also something that beautifies our kitchen as well as giving our kitchen a stylistic outlook. Most of the electric cooktops models available in the market today have advanced features such as temperature control units, different burner configurations, digital control panels and smooth tops.

An electric cooktop may have some similar characteristics with gas cooktop but it is the most preferred choice by homeowners because it is safe, its cooking performance is more consistent, it heats up faster than gas-powered cooktop, and less hazardous. Definitely if you are upgrading kitchen appliances, one of the great ideas to start with is to order a cooktop. An electric powered cooktop is more advantageous than other types of cooktops for one, they are stylish. Secondly they rhyme excellently well with most interior kitchen designs. Thirdly, they cook food evenly and heat up quickly thereby saving a lot of time. Therefore if your current cooking appliance is inefficient then buy an electric cooktop so that you can lessen the time you spend in cooking meals. Finally these electric cooktops are easy to clean. Here is a review of enticing features that are found in most electric cooktops.


Different electric powered cooktop models have different sizes but range from 30 inches to 36 inches. In addition most cooktops can have either a coil surface or a smoothtop surface. A smoothtop surface cooktop is typically made up of ceramic or steel and is generally good-looking as well as easy to clean. On the other hand, coil surface cooktops are more popular than smoothtop since they are more efficient and have removable parts and frames which makes them more easier to clean.

Changeable Settings

Most electric cooktops have variable-size elements that enable one to change a cooktop’s settings to match with the size of any pot or pan. In addition, an electric powered cooktop has bridge elements and warming zones that allow usage of irregular pans and pots. Such variable-size features are very vital in any electrical appliance since the minimize power usage. With a cooktop that uses electricity you can adjust the power so as to meet specific cooking temperature needs. For example, high temperatures for faster cooking or simmer temperatures for keeping sauces hot. Most electrical cooktops can automatically detect the size of the pan and hence automatically adjust their burner settings to fit according to the size of the pan.


If you want to buy a cooktop that is safe to use and energy saving then consider an electric powered cooktop. The possibility of an electric powered cooktop igniting fire in your kitchen is very low since it does not emit flames like a gas powered cooktop. Furthermore the likelihood of gas cylinder exploding somehow greater than having faults in the electricity which makes electric cooktop safer. An electric powered cooktop is an extremely efficient energy consumer since it emits heat in a very concentrated area thereby speeding up cooking time and minimizing the heat lost in the air.


Electric cooktop installation is much easier than gas cooktop installation. It requires less attachments and the process usually takes less time to carry out. What you need to consider first is where to install it. It should be installed at a specific overhead distance, particularly if the location above it consists of wooden cabinets. Secondly place your cooktop near to the socket so as to avoid straining the power cords. Anyone can install an electric powered cooktop since its wires or cords are colour-coded and hence one simply connects the matching colours together. Most of electric cooktop manufacturers try as much as possible to design cooktops that meet the electrical requirements provided in an area. Therefore before you order your electrical cooking appliance you should check whether its voltage and wattage requirements can be met by the power provided by the national grid

That all for this brief review of an electric-powered cooktop. These excellent ideas will guide you while buying electric cooking appliance. You can as well do more research so as to get more information about different brands. Place an order or buy an appliance that meets your needs sufficiently. Read reviews of various brands so as to get inner features of each cooktop brand.

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