What you need to know about it – Downdraft cooktop

The downdraft cooktop is a useful tool for many cooks who need a proper ventilation during cooking. It saves space because you won’t be required to have either a vent hood or another space consuming ventilation system in place. There a number of advantages and disadvantages of this vent system. This means you should consider all to ensure you choose this option only if it is favorable to you.

Modular Downdraft Cooktop

This approach allows you to mix and also match what you have in your home. You simply choose what complements the appearance of your kitchen. You have the freedom to decide whether to have the modular cooktop by itself or with an oven. This helps you save money because you choose only what you want. It ensures you can preserve your kitchen space by getting only what you will be using.

This product comes in two options. You can either choose an electric or gas cooktop. The choice solely depends on the buyer.

Gas Downdraft cooktop

There are several gas cooktops available that have the downdraft feature. You should however buy what is sure to give you full satisfaction. Consider your basic requirements in relation to the product. There are also numerous reviews you can read online and get ideas as to the best gas model. Ensure that you do not make your decisions from reviews only. Remember that what a review might look for in the product is not what you might look for. Consider what you need from the item.

If you need it to save space, purchase a space saving one. It should literally make sense as far as your needs are concerned. Reviews should help you get a rough idea of the product. You should use them to identify how easy it might be to use the item, the quality etc. Reviews are written by people who have their own biases and interests, and they might not be always right.

Electric downdraft cooktop

Electricity is the fuel of choice in many communities. It is more comfortable to use and cooks always feel safer without any open cooking flame. They come with numerous control gadgets that make them easy to use.

However, like any other product, electric cooktops have their disadvantages too. The primary problem is that reaction time is slow. This may increase the cooking time and it is inconveniencing especially if you are in a hurry. There is an expensive solution to this problem in the electric induction element. The option uses magnetism and it gives you precise control of the burner, but it is expensive.

How does a downdraft vent work?

The vent in this item is what distinguishes it from a vent hood. The vent hood usually takes away the heat and odors rising up in the air. The downdraft vent basically creates a draft that sucks odors and heat downwards. It then emits them out through an inbuilt venting system. This means the vent has to lead outside. When the vent leads out, the difference in pressure formed creates a draft. You are therefore required to find a mechanism to have the vent system lead outside.

You need to choose a downdraft cooktop that won’t inconvenience you when it comes to installation. Choose the models rated for your purpose, either residential or commercial. Do not order a commercial one for residential purposes. This is because it might require addition of other things like a firewall or other fire-resistant surfaces to guarantee your safety. Cleaning is also another important factor to consider. Choose that product which is easy to clean, by checking how the unit can be cleaned before buying.

Selecting the best downdraft burner should not be difficult after defining the basics. Many sellers offer a wide range of products and choosing the best should not be difficult. If you choose a gas fueled burner, consider the sealed ones. It is important to look for models that come with different sizes of elements. If you have chosen an electric one, choose the one easy to clean. Go for more modern glass products compared to the traditional coil ones. Again, reading a quality review can work in your favor, to ensure you choose only the best cooktop.

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